The following are my softwares...

1. TMTM Alarm

     Its simply an alarm clock. But in this, you can make your favourite song to ring as the alarm.   (216 kb)

2. TMTM Antivirus

     This is an non working antivirus but can be used to fool others.    (356 kb)

3. TMTM Are you Smart?

     This is like a game and can be used for fun. Only the genius can win.   (216 kb)

4. TMTM Average Finder.

     This software can be used to find the average of your marks.   (220 kb)

5. TMTM BMI Finder V.2.

     This is a software to find your Body-Mass Index. This software tells you whether you are healthy or not.   (32 kb)

6. TMTM Calendar.

     This software shows the calendar of every year.   (212 kb)

7. TMTM Date and Time.

    This software shows the computer date and time.   (216 kb)

8. TMTM Deleter.

     This software can be used to delete any files in your computer, even the stuburn files.   (216 kb)

9. TMTM Electronic Dice.

     This software acts as an digital dice. This can be used for games.   (216 kb)

10. TMTM File Explorer.

       This can be used as a small Windows Explorer.   (24 kb)

11. TMTM Fortune Teller.

       This program predicts the fortune or answer for your question.   (216 kb)

12. TMTM System Control.

       This can do many functions. Try it, you'll love it.   (220 kb)

13. TMTM Text to Speech.

       This can convert text into speech.   (212 kb)

14. TMTM Tic Tac Toe.

       This is a small game similar to one which uses knots and crosses. Try it.   (232 kb)

15. TMTM Paint.

       This is somewhat similar to the normal paint but with limited features.  (220 kb)

16. TMTM IP Address and Port Finder.

       This is used to find the IP address and port finder of your computer.   (216 kb)

17. TMTM Malayalam Editor.

       Use this to type malayalam texts. Well its a basic Edition. For this program to work, Download the font "malayalam.ttf " too.  (272 kb)

18. TMTM Malayalam Editor V.2

       This is the 2nd version of the previous Malayalam Editor. This supports more Malayalam characters than the previous. (460 kb)

19. Malayalam.ttf  (Font).

        To install, copy the file and go to Start ->Settings -> Control Panel -> Fonts and paste it there  (57.5kb) (Not created by TMTM)